boek nupa makaNupa Maka

Vlak voor haar overlijden in juni 2020 kon het boek van deze Indiaanse Grootmoeder en spiritueel leraar worden gepubliceerd: ‘So the Teachings May Live’, Nupa Maka.

Through the telling of stories the restoration of the spiritual and cultural traditions; the foundation of family and community these stories and teachings remain preserved in the words of Grandmother Nupa Maka’s life journey.

“There are no coincidence on this life’s path we are always in the right place at the right time. The Spirits that guide us are far more knowing than we will ever be….the should haves, and could haves, will not ring in my ears when I am old….my bones will some day not take me no more on the earth journey walk….but within my mind…a beautiful photo book of memories, stories and within my heart the beautiful song will continue to sound….visions of the red stone and the blue stone.
~” Nupa Maka

Grandmother Nupa Maka was born in South Dakota, of mixed-blood parents. She grew up on and off the Pine Ridge Oglala Lakota Reservation as her family traveled outward to find work. Her father was a “horse man” and that often meant the family lived on the isolated horse and cattle ranches of the High Desert Plains during the hard days of the 1930’s, 1940’s, and 1950’s.

Grandmother’s stories are filled with the wisdom, adventures, beauty, history and spirituality imparted to her by her Lakota/Scottish father, her Cherokee/Irish mother, her grandmothers, and her life experiences.

Many of these shared stories also detail the Old West and how it was during her time of growing up. These times and places are all but gone, yet they remain preserved in the words and stories of her life.

Grandmother Nupa Maka has spent her life always working and helping Native People wherever she lived. An Elder she is a beloved Grandmother to countless people. She currently resides in Maine near her children and grandchildren.

She continues to live her life for the children of the next seven generations, so that the teaching may live.

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