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Iedere spirit-fluit uniek en een schoonheid op zich!
Gemaakt van gevonden takken of soms ook van hertegewei door Willow Freeman van Soundsprofound. Prachtige voorbeelden vind je op zijn facebookpagina:
Soundsprofound by Willow Freeman


Flutes from Willow Freeman | Soundsprofound
Most people see the flute as a musical instrument, but I dislike such a restrictive way of thinking. A flute is much more than this! Most of my customers use the flute for spiritual practice; they are played by Shamans, healers, yoga practitioners, people that are into meditation and yes my flutes have been played by recording Artists such as Jean Michel looking wolf. My flutes are very easy to play. If you have fingers on your hands and breath in your lungs you will be able to play these flutes. The early Native American flute used to be tuned to the makers ear, so the scale would be different on each flute, but since the 1940s-50s the pentatonic scale has become popular. The pentatonic scale is the most economic scale to the human ear; making anything you play sound great. This leaves room for you to drift off and let those tunes just lift out of you. I feel truly blessed that I am a flute maker, and it would be an honour to make a flute for you that will bring you forward on your own journey. To play the flute is to actively create beauty in the world.

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